Sun 3D Screensaver

Sun 3D Screensaver

solar system in all of its cosmic beauty

The Sun. The source of all life in our planet and in the whole solar system.
All of us sometimes think about visiting the Sun, but, of course, we know it is impossible. We would not even get close to it without burning down to nothing.

Sun 3D Screensaver brings his majesty, the Sun, to your desktop.

This awesome screensaver will take you on a trip to the giant of our Solar System, without the dangers that such a trip implies.
You will be able to get a closer look to our source of light and heat, right from the comfort of your living room or office.

Watch how its surface is in continuous turmoil, with explosions and flames.
And all this surrounded by a spectacular background of space.
You will enjoy spectacular photo-realistic graphics in a completely 3 environment.
The images are so realistic that you will almost feel the heat coming out of your screen while you relax listening to spatial music and sounds that will complete the scene.

Sun 3D Screensaver will show you many different space scenes that will surely keep you watching in complete amazement.
You will surely spend a long time waiting for the next solar explosion at its surface, and the light effects of the solar wind and other space objects.
It will definitely be a very interesting conversation starter among your family or coworkers.

Fernando Soni
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